CRIME BY THE BOOK: Every Last Fear One of “Most-Anticipated Early 2021 Crime Books”

“You know those days when you just want a thriller you can absolutely tear through and read in one or two settings? That’s Alex Finlay’s EVERY LAST FEAR in a nutshell. I was lucky enough to read this book this past fall, and it’s just as addictive and page-turning as its plot makes it sound! In EVERY LAST FEAR, a family that was the subject of a true crime documentary is found dead under suspicious circumstances, and their son is left to pick up the pieces and uncover the truth about this tragedy. EVERY LAST FEAR is both wildly entertaining and quite emotional—it’s a “popcorn thriller” with a dark edge to it, a story that’s action-packed and tragic in equal measure. For readers who want a thriller with relentless pacing, family secrets, and plenty of plot twists and turns, EVERY LAST FEAR will be the perfect addition to your spring TBR.”